Lifestyle Transformation – Weight Management Solutions

Congratulations! You are here because you are committed to change; ready to make a lifestyle transformation.

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Imagine being free from the cycle of diet after diet because you have made lifestyle changes that are sustainable? How would this feel?

So, I am not going to remind you of all the issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, aches, pains, diabetes, certain cancers, associated with overweight and obesity. You know these and if you thought about it, probably add a load more reasons and issues to the list.

This fact made me stop and think

Half a kilo or 1lb weight loss can take 2kg / 3lb of pressure off your knees.  So it is also the issue of added weight adding to pressure on the body. Why carry around more than you really want to? To be able to do things more easily usually has a knock on effect in the lifestyle transformation. You can move around more easily so you get more active. Remember how you felt when you were more active? What to feel like this again?

So this is going to change your life; transform your life.

I can offer two products, both designed and personalised to meet your needs. Both aimed at achievable and sustainable change.

 Lifestyle Transformation – Weight Management Solutions incorporating The Virtual Gastric Band Programme

Firstly it is not another diet. It is not actual surgery. This programme is based on the system  pioneered by international hypnotherapist Sheila Granger.  The system is a non-surgical technique using the therapy of hypnosis in a safe and natural way to retrain you to be satisfied with smaller amounts. Changing how you think about food. The process convinces the mind that the stomach is full and there is no need for more food.  My Lifestyle Transformation Programme is about exactly that,  lifestyle transformation. It is an ongoing programme with achievable and sustainable changes.  The programme gives excellent results. You will feel more in control.

Clients of this programme report

Significant weight loss, an average weight loss in the first week of over 3kg/ 7lb, a change to eating habits, a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem, improved mobility.

You will also benefit from this programme if you…..

have had enough of the cycle of dieting and then regaining.

have had enough of the drama of the dieting story

are ready to move on from the past and embrace change.

The three month support  programme, in addition to your effort and commitment, consists of

  • One initial discovery session
  • Four  private hypnotherapy / coaching based sessions – approx. 50 minute sessions – clinic is held on a Thursday afternoon /evening*
  • Three 15 min telephone / skype support sessions
  • Eight Step Guidelines which we will personalise to your needs and expectations
  • Supporting audio track for daily use
  • Email support for lifestyle transformation through out the three month programme
  • At the end of the  programme you receive another personalised support audio track to keep you going
  • Pedometer – see how much you move! To help you increase your awareness of your activity levels
  • Updates and nutritional support information that will be helpful to you on your journey

You will work one to one with me. I work with a very limited number of clients at a time so that I can give a more attention and support.

*sessions will work on making changes to triggers to over eating, attitudes, expectations and activity levels but will work on the basic proven programme contents enhanced and personalised for you with additional therapy tools and techniques.

The clinic is held at Therapy and Life Centre, 218 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2NF

Fee  – £325 Introductory offer after will be £350

Contact me on 077 1200 5769 or

Also available for those not wanting support but need something personalised. This product may be suitable.

Personalised Transformation – An Inner Guidance

This system allows you to work on your programme remotely. This unique programme will help you make the lifestyle changes you want and to keep them. It can be a matter of belief, perception and expectation.

  • After an hour long discovery session on the phone, you will be sent two personalised lifestyle transforming audio tracks. You will listen to these recordings at least once a day for the next 28 days. These are personalised so will last between 10 and 15 minutes.
  • Guidelines for lifestyle transformation
  • Online email support during the 28 days
  • Another personalised audio track at the end of the 28 days

Fee- £85

Motivated and ready to continue?

Contact me so that we can see how I can help you achieve your transformation goals.