Wise Woman Wild

Wise Woman Wild

The menopause is a natural time but can affect our feeling of well- being and mental health.

The Wise Woman, the third aspect of the triple Goddess. Having passed through maiden and the mother stages , menopause is our final stage and transformation into the wise woman.

Some women speak of a ‘post-menopausal zest’ but if you are menopausal and not really feeling that, this is the course for you.

Nature is a great healer and as we allow ourselves more time in nature to just be present and literally smell the roses ( and other flowers, trees etc) we can connect with an inner peace and find our inner wise woman, she is just waiting to be free and wild.

Before the menopause I thought I’d sail through it, no problems. I soon realised I wasn’t sailing, hot flushes, misery, anxiety and a load more symptoms seemed to flood me one after another. I remember reading about some 34 symptoms and changes. Wow 34! I didn’t feel a new zest. Just overwhelmed. But with this came a desire to be outside, to literally keep walking away from it all. I’d always wanted to walk more and spend more time in nature, like I had done as a child.

As I spent more time outside, walking, wandering and just hanging out with trees anxiety levels dropped and my fog head was clearing. I stopped feeling overwhelmed.

As I took my meditation and spiritual practises outside, the experience seemed so much deeper. Just feeling the breeze against my face or the gentle drops of rain almost twinkling as they touched my hand. In nature I began to feel wild and free.

I spent more time outside, learned Shirin Yoku – forest bathing,becoming a forest bathing practitioner, earthing and other techniques and soon realised that a lot of my symptoms were easing. Chatting to the trees, feeling the trees. I started to embrace my emerging wise woman, she longed to be re-wilded in nature. I felt home.

A few years on and I am sharing this, along with other tips and techniques so that women everywhere can release the inner wise woman and let her be wild. But mostly we will improve our sense of well- being.

The recent lock down has shown us, more than ever, the need and desire to maintain our connection with nature. It’s constant change is now a source of comfort in our ever changing man made world.

If you are feeling all zoomed out, this is an opportunity to learn together outside, rain or shine.

We will be active, learning, sharing and caring for each other as we connect together. We will observe our environment and show how much we care, we shall heal.

Four sessions held over four weeks.

Sessions will include the following invitations :-

Journey through our senses

Energy Medicine techniques

Tree healing

The Wonder Woman


Acceptance and surrender




Oracle cards

Sol Forestal experience


I hold a sacred space where each participant can explore their connection with nature.

All these activities will help improve your well-being and mental health, deepening your connection to nature. Allowing the healing power of nature into your life.

Week 1-  Introduction to immersive nature experience

Week 2 – Challenges

Week 3 – Releasing and surrender – emptying the bowl

Week 4 – Renew, re-energise and inspiration