A Course in Miracles

2014-06-08 17.25.20
A Course in Miracles

The Course aims to help us remove the blocks to awareness of love’s presence and to start listening to our inner teacher, the  ‘Voice of God’.

The Course focus is on forgiveness, love and inner peace.

My experience of A Course in Miracles has made me see things differently. I used to want ‘outside’ to change, now I know I need to change inside. With A Course in Miracles life is joyful, happiness is everywhere and all is a loving experience. I have been able to leave fear behind. I feel part of a divine web of loving vibrations. It is like exercising though, you can’t stop and think you have done enough to last the next year or so. It is a daily practice.

Contact me if you feel you would like this experience of life and some support with the Course and transforming your life. I facilitate an ACIM meet up group where we share experiences, share silent time and support each other. Come and join the tribe.

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