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Quick bit about me, I don’t dwell on the past so I’m just including a little bit for those who feel better with some. I kind of like the Mooji approach of entering but leaving stuff at the door. But briefly, I felt the call to wake up in my teens but ignored it and would joke that I felt I should be a nun. The call got louder and louder, various moments happened, I was given various signs along the way.

My healing sign,espiritu, was a gift from Love /God, whatever you want to call that higher power.

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God speaks to us in ways we will understand. We are all called, not everyone responds.

Now looking back I think some how some practises of the new age have become hijacked by the ego mind. I remember a dear friend calling me an egotist. This shocked me but as I looked within I could see that I had been coming from a place of fear, and that is the path of the egotist. Where had I really not chosen love instead of fear?


Today we have so much information, that I am finding peace in silence, contemplation, emptiness.










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