Pathway to Peace

Pathway to Peace is a coaching, help tool for peace and wellbeing.

We journey from the pain, finding a pathway back to peace. Adding tools and techniques from other healing modalities.

These are online sessions. From 30 mins to 45 mins we work on the journey.

Step by step, we journey, pausing where we need to pause. Learning what we need to learn,

By exploring some ‘A Course in Miracles’ questions, we unlock the issues that are blocking.

Some of the benefits of having these one to one sessions and coaching are :-

  • Help you on the journey from head to heart
  • Transform your thinking from fear to love
  • Growth and deepening connection with  the Higher Power
  • Supportive guidance and listening
  • Understanding and insight of experiences
  • A new outlook on life
  • A feeling of lightness and healing

Contact me for a discussion and to book a session.

The rates for this therapy are aimed at support being available for every one.

The fee is what you can afford, what you feel able to pay 

From just  £15 a session 30 -45 mins – a great opportunity to get clarity and move away from pain. 

You choose how much you pay.


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